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Thanks to our many years of experience around the globe, we have already managed to acquire a large number of satisfied customers from all sorts of different sectors and countries. You can find a small selection of our reference projects on this page with a brief description of the individual system solutions.

LKH (State Hospital) Bregenz: Multimedia for patients

LKH (State Hospital) Bregenz: Multimedia for patients


As part of the refurbishment of the state hospital in Bregenz, Austria, Schrack Seconet is equipping the building gradually with the VISOCALL IP communications system including TV Mediastream for patients. There will also be the possibility to charge and pay for these services on demand.

Traisenpark shopping mall: A pioneer in the use of mobile solutions

Traisenpark shopping mall: A pioneer in the use of mobile solutions

The Traisenpark is the largest shopping centre in the capital of Lower Austria, St. Pölten. In the course of a comprehensive revitalisation project, the shopping mall implemented a real showcase project in the field of fire prevention. Via a mobile App, staff and the fire brigade are immediately notified via alarms – this brings a clear advantage in terms of time and information.

Semmelweis University / Hungary


Semmelweis University is an internationally known education and research institution, where students from many countries receive their professional training.

Müpa / Hungary


As a conglomeration of cultural venues, the building has no precedent in 20th century Hungarian architecture and has no peers in the whole of Central Europe.

Mariinsky Theatre / Russian Federation

Mariinsky Theatre / Russian Federation

The first Theatre Circus building was destroyed by a fire at the end of the 19th century. The new Mariinsky Theatre was built on the same spot in 1859 and held the first performance just one year after.

Nish complex Istanbul / Turkey

Nish complex Istanbul / Turkey

The Turkish metropolis is considered the cultural and economic centre of the country and blends traditional lifestyle with the most advanced standards. In close vicinity to Atatürk International Airport a business and residential building block has been established, consisting of three 17-storied residential buildings and a 16-storied business tower.

Ulus Medical Park Hospital / Turkey

Ulus Medical Park Hospital / Turkey

Ulus Medical Park Hospital in Istanbul is run by a Medical Park group that operates 16 further private health centers all over Turkey. The hospital caused quite a stir not only due to its high-medical standard but also due to its futuristic design.

WEBEL Land regional archives/ India

WEBEL Land regional archives/ India

West Bengal is a state in the eastern region of India and is the nation's fourth-most populous state, with over 91 million inhabitants spread over the territory of over 88 thousand km2. The data about each resident and acre is stored in many land archives.

Al-Qassim Hospital / Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Al-Qassim Hospital  / Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

With 800 beds Al-Qassim University Hospital is one of the most renowned ones of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the largest Private Hospital in Al Qassim Region. The project is composed of four major zones: university hospital, male medical colleges, female medical colleges and support services.

Constitutional Court / Russian Federation

Constitutional Court / Russian Federation

St. Petersburg is often referred to as the Northern or second capital of Russia. In 2008, the highest organ of the Russian legislative power - the constitutional court - was moved from Moscow to St. Petersburg into the historical four-building complex (Senat und Synode), whose foundation dates back to Tsar Peter the Great.

National Marine Fisheries Research Institute / Poland

National Marine Fisheries Research Institute / Poland

The National Marine Fisheries Research Institutes main chore in Gdynia is to investigate the marines ecosystems and the promotion of public awareness of topics like sustainable fisheries or the reasonable use of the marine ecosystem.

Potovoltaic plan Vanju Mare / Romania

Potovoltaic plan Vanju Mare / Romania

The photovoltaic plant Vanju Mare is located in southwestern Romania and has a capacity of 9.4 MW. The spanish investor group ISASTUR executed the work in collaboration with TSK Solar.

Sea Towers Gdynia / Poland

Sea Towers / Poland

Sea Towers in Gdynia is a special place on polands' tourist maps and the most recognizable apartment building in Pomerania. Its uniqueness is largely due to its excellent location, which makes it very attractive for tourists from around the world.

Shopping Mall GALERIA / Russian Federation

Shopping Mall GALERIA / Russian Federation

Galeria Shopping Mall is the second-largest shopping center in Saint Petersburg, Russia, located at Vosstaniya Square in the city center. In December 2010, the 200,000-square-metre shopping center opened with 290 tenants.

Fish Factory Sardina / Croatia

Fish Factory Sardina / Croatia

On August 2013, a new Sardina factory was opened, where on an area of 15,000 square meters seafood is processed, packaged and stored at minus 40 degrees centigrade. About 300 employees are producing up to 200,000 fish cans a day.

Nordseterhjemmet / Norway

Nordseterhjemmet / Norway

Nordseterhjemmet nursing home is situated in the southern part of the city of Oslo – in the wealthiest and with almost 50 thousand residents, second most populated district. In 2011 the Nursing Home Administration municipality decided to work with the company NESK and the VISOCALL IP system of Schrack Seconet.

Gedeon Richter / Hungary

Gedeon Richter

Gedeon Richter Plc. was founded in 1901 by Gedeon Richter and is the largest manufacturer of pharmaceuticals in the country. Thanks to its unique sales and marketing network, the multinational firm's products are available in 100 countries worldwide.

Audi / Hungary

Audi / Hungary

The successful automobile group based in Ingolstadt has expanded its location in Györ, Hungary, into an autonomous automobile plant. And the pros from Schrack Seconet had their hands on the wheel when the state-of-the-art manufacturing plant was equipped with a total of 8,000 fire detectors.

Malvazinky Clinic / Czech Republic

Malvazinky Clinic

Malvazinky clinic, located in the center of the Golden City, is among the best facilities in the fields of rehabilitation and orthopaedics in the Czech Republic. The hospital’s team of experts consists of highly qualified and renowned specialists, guaranteeing extensive competence, professionalism and individual treatment at the highest level.

Malmö City Tunnel / Sweden

Malmö City Tunnel

The passenger trains track, opened in December 2010, has considerably shortened the travelling times from, and into Malmö in the South of Sweden. 6 km underground tunnel is only a short part of the 17 km rail link between Malmö Central Station and the Öresund Line.

Kempinski Hotel Hybernska Prague / Czech Republic


There are many reasons for visiting the Czech metropolis of Prague. Exploring the romantic old city, strolling along the banks of the Vltava, following the tracks of Franz Kafka or resting in the deluxe hotel Kempinski Hybernská Prague and many more.

SCAN Logistic Center / Sweden


Originated as a slaughterhouse cooperative in the south-western Finland in 1913, HKScan Group nowadays is one of the leading food companies in Northern Europe whose home markets are Finland, Sweden, Denmark, the Baltics and Poland.

Dow Chemical / Netherlands

Dow Chemical / Netherlands

Dow Chemical is a global leader and international active chemical company, with its headquarter in Midland/Michigan, USA. With 188 facilities in 36 countries, Dow Chemical produces more than 5,000 everyday products, made up of special chemicals as well as high performance materials.

Jysk Logistics center / Poland

Jysk Logistics center

In Radomsko, Poland, one of the largest logistics centers of the country has been built. Radomsko has 49,000 inhabitants and is one of the centers of the wood, metal, machine and glass industries of Poland.

Žižkov Television Tower / Czech Republic

Zizkov Television Tower

The TV tower of Prague with its height of 216 meters hosts the broadcasting system, a viewing platform (at 100 metres) and a tower restaurant (at 66 meters) and is situated near the center of the city on top of a hill in the Žižkov district.

TESCO stores / Czech Republic

TESCO shopping stores in Czech Republic

Staff dashing through the shopping halls on inline skates, musical sandwiches singing well-known Christmas tunes, like Jingle Bells, or self-scanning stations, where customers themselves can read-in the items they have bought - this and much more characterises the supermarket chain Tesco.

Aga Khan University Hospital / Pakistan

Aga Khan University Hospital

Aga Khan Hospital, a private non-profit hospital, owned by Prince Karim Aga Khan, is the first hospital in Pakistan to receive ISO 9001:2008 certification and one of the few teaching hospitals in the world to be awarded Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation for achieving and maintaining highest international quality standards in healthcare.

Hotel Intercontinental Warsaw / Poland

Hotel Intercontinental Warsaw / Poland

After the grand opening in autumn 2003, the 153 metre high, International Hotel with a panoramic view over Warsaw, is the highest building in the polish capital. Prior, the building-site has been home of the legendary jazz club “Aquarius”. The operators wanted to keep the tradition, leaving the Jazz-Café on the ground floor. This adds up perfectly to entertain guests and visitors.

The Central Bank of The Russian Federation / Russia

The Central Bank of The Russian Federation

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation (former State Bank of the RSFSR and earlier the State Bank of the Russian Empire) is the sole issuing bank, whilst simultaneously being the most important body for banking regulation and controlling in Russia.

National Arena Bukarest / Romania

National Arena Bukarest

National Arena, the largest Romanian football stadium, facilitates 55.600 seats and is equipped with the retractable roof that weights 2.000 t and can be moved within 15 minutes. It opened on 6th of September, 2011, the new stadium replaced the former Arena from 1953.

Medical Park Hospital / Turkey

Medical Park Hospital

Medical Park Hospital group is one of the biggest and high class hospital groups in Turkey. At the moment they have 18 of their Hospitals all around Turkey. In these 18 facilities they have approximately 2.000 beds. At the end of 2012, 2 new hospitals will open. One of them is in Ulus Istanbul and the other in Ankara.

Lanco Hills / India

Lanco Hills

Lanco Hills is one of the world's largest single-phase development projects. In scale and magnitude, few can match its vision. A city in its own right, this modern metropolis is all set to redefine Hyderabad's skyline. This USD 1.5 billion mega project. Lanco Hills is the result of meticulous detailing by the world's most renowned architects & consultants whose combined efforts have structured its elegant towers.

Ice hockey stadium Bratislava / Slovakia

Ice hockey stadium Bratislava

Slovakia’s victory at the ice hockey world championships in 2002 brought the nationwide enthusiasm for this sport to new heights. In 2011, the 75th world championship took place from April 29 to May 15 at two locations in Bratislava and Kosice. This is the reason why the ice hockey stadium of the Slovak capital, which was opened already in 1940, undergone an overall refurbishment.

Clinica San Carlo / Italy

Clinica San Carlo / Italy

The Clinica San Carlo is realizing an expansion project that is doubling the current structure with a new building of 17,000 m². Since the foundation in 1963 by Professor Emilio Bernardelli the main goal of the hospital is to provide complete, efficient and professional care in the areas of surgery, medical rehabilitation, diagnostic therapy and emergency.

Libreville Hospital / Gabon (Central Africa)

Libreville Hospital

Ministry of Health in Gabon, Central Africa, is currently refurbishing the General Hospital in Libreville, the country’s capital. The project value is about 42.5 million euros. The “Centre Hospitalier de Libreville” has about 600 beds and is now being completely renovated.

Power stations in Vorarlberg / Austria

Power stations in Vorarlberg

In December 1901 the Jenny & Schindler electricity plants began supplying power to the communities of Rieden-Vorkloster and Kennelbach in Vorarlberg. This was the birth of the company which later became Vorarlberger Kraftwerke AG (VKW).

St. Anna Children's Cancer Research Institute / Austria

St. Anna Children's Cancer Research Institute

The research institute of St. Anna Children's Cancer Research is a competence centre with the goal of improving remission rates of children and young adults with cancer. More than 100 staff members are employed in successful development in children's cancer research in the Vienna-based institute, which uses a multidiscipline approach and the most modern methods.

SC Galleria / Austria

SC Galleria

The Galleria Shopping Center, centrally located in Vienna's third district, was extensively renovated in 2010 while stores remained open for business and offer a great shopping experience with style in a modern surrounding. In addition to the international shops and brands, there is also a great variety of restaurants to choose from.

Mercure Hotel Vienna / Austria

Mercure Hotel Vienna

The Mercure Grand Hotel Biedermeier Vienna, which is one of the best known in the Mercure chain of hotels, offers its guests the highest degree of comfort and service. Located close to the city centre, it offers visitors 197 rooms, two restaurants and a bar. All suites and guest bedrooms have been equipped in a very modern way. They are equipped with highspeed Internet and are of course air-conditioned.

Leonding Delfin Wellness / Austria

Leonding Delfin Wellness

Since September 2010 Delfin Wellness GmbH has been offering its customers a very special „Wellness Experience“. The new company headquarters were built in Leonding on an area of 1,500 m² for approx. EUR 5 million.

Humanomed Althofen / Austria

Humanomed Althofen

Humanomed dates back to 1975 with the founding of the Kurbads Althofen – now called the Humanomed Zentrum Althofen. With an ethos of „We build a bridge between medicine and people“, there has always been a focus between high level medicine and individual care.

Riverside Shopping Centre (EKZ Riverside) / Austria

Riverside Shopping Centre (EKZ Riverside)

On the site of the former Liesinger brewery in Vienna's 23rd district, the Riverside shopping centre opened on 29 September 2010. In reference to the small Liesingbach (a stream) which flows directly past the building, the shopping centre was named „Riverside“.

Arnulf Rainer Museum / Austria

Arnulf Rainer Museum

The Arnulf Rainer Museum in Baden bei Wien gives the public an insight in the wide range of work by the Baden-born artist Arnulf Rainer. Now aged 81, the artist has been active for over 60 years, producing works of art that have gained him national and international recognition.

Vienna General Hospital (AKH Wien) / Austria

Vienna General Hospital (AKH Wien) / Austria

„Saluti et solatio aegrorum“ – „To heal and console the sick“ – this is the motto of dedication of Vienna General Hospital on Vienna's Währinger Gürtel. The motto has applied since 1784 and is still applied intensively even today.

Vienna International Airport / Austria

Flughafen Wien-Schwechat

Hundreds of people spend time in passenger airports on a daily basis. The large volume of human traffic conceals great danger. Comprehensive fire prevention measures are a necessity, to ensure that potential sources of danger do not arise, and that rapid reaction is possible in the event of an emergency.